It all started tasteless and annoyed…

cornish cake girl cakey wakey bloggy thingyHello Everyone.

I thought I had better start by introducing myself, These blogs all seem to be the same a housewife is bored and  broke, makes her kids cake and suddenly discovers some hidden talent that blossoms into an amazing business, kinda like the JK Rowling of the cake world, well, I am sorry to disappoint you but my cake journey started a bit different..

It started flat , tasteless and annoyed…

All of my cakes were the same 1″ high and solid.

I know many people say they cannot cook cakes but believe me, my bakes could’ve been the undiscovered weapons of mass destruction that eluded the EU in the 1990’s.

I followed the recipe, folded ingredients in ( even though i had no idea what this meant, I did a motion with the flour and held a vain hope that either the flour, spoon or divine spirit would know what it was meant to do) now, I am not particularly religious but at this point I would’ve dressed as an aardvark in a tutu if the darn cake would just RISE.

cornish cake girl cakey wakey blog

Skip forward 15 years…

One failed marriage, birth of my daughter, moving house (five times!)all behind me ,new husband, new dog ,new life all ahead.

Back to the cake, after all, that why you are all( hopefully) reading this,our wedding budget was so small the local mice population used it as a running joke for 6 months, so I decided to do as many many MANY ‘Brides to be’ have done before, Oh yes, you guessed it, decorate my own cake.

I repeat decorate, as even thinking of making the actual cake filled my head with memories of those brick like formations of 15 years ago,so my ‘husband to be’ buys the fruit cake, I hate ruddy fruit cake but I needed time to decorate it, Or as I discovered, time to stare at it in the cupboard and worry about decorating it.By the time i would’ve got round to decorating sponge it would be been so old the mould could have evolved its own life form with two conflicting colonies.

So after having to buy the 3 tiers in 3 different shops, Two in Cornwall, one in London, yes London, that elusive middle tier was mocking me all the way from the east-end.

I drew up my design, re-drew, edited, chucked it away and started again, finally the drawing was like this.

cornish cake girl cakey wakey blog

lets pause here for a moment while you take in my di vinci-esq drawing skills( or while you stop laughing).

So after going online to learn  via Google and Youtube I then decided to tackle it, Luckily for me they came already covered in white icing so I could avoid what online many sites called ‘elephant skin’ at the time I wasnt sure if it was some sort of cake makers skin disease brought on by stress or a threat that a pachyderm would charge your creation if it wasn’t up to scratch.

cornish cake girl cakey wakey blog

Ebay provided the daisy cutters and the middles were created using a bit of plastic tubing  I found thrown in a drawer, pushing the daisies onto the cake they immediately fell off .After googling “How to stick icing daisies to a cake” I was set with my daughters paint brush and an egg cup full of water.

Scan forwards a day, Yes i did the cake decorating the evening before my wedding, why i do not know but I am blaming a combination of baby brain, which at that point had lasted 10 years, pre-wedding nerves and absolute terror that the cake would collapse and so leaving it until the last minute would give it less time to implode on itself through sheer shame.

The cake stood, slightly askew( i didn’t know you had to internally support it) but it stood while it was cut and I got a few nice comments, This dear people was the start, Even though the experience was a huge, scary, annoying learning curve, I loved it and realised I might do it again one day, After I had sobered up and felt brave enough to look at my bank balance that is…

cornish cake girl cakey wakey blog


18 months later………

” Mum, this is my perfect cake,”

Gives me a drawing..

” Will you make it for me?”

Cue me smiling then saying “of course darling”  feeling sick and sitting down..

And that is how this all began..

cornish cake girl cakey wakey blog

(The resulting cake)

Thank you for reading…see you all again soon ( i hope)