yes,im still here !

Sorry for disappearing over Christmas and the new year but i have had a few things flying about and haven’t been able to blog lately, you know how it is, things take over and before you know it the dogs wrapped up in xmas paper, the kids have eaten the chocolate you were saving and your husband is in the corner a quivering wreck after looking at the credit card statement!


Well I’ve managed to unravel the dog, throw the kids in the bath and distracted the other half with beer and promises of a child free break!


To make up for being a bad blogger I will share with you some of my tutorials i have collected over the years, most are collected via Facebook, internet,pintrest etc, so if you see your own tutorial and it is not watermarked please don’t get upset, I’m not claiming them as my own, drop me a line and i will either remove or credit you(your choice)

Back to the tutorials, we all have to start somewhere and if you are starting out i recommend you trawl YouTube and type in basic searches like ” levelling and torting a cake” and ” covering a cake in fondant”  I’m sure you will very quickly find a few you tubers as your favorites, personally i like sweet wise and Rosanna pansino .FB_IMG_1452884655231 FB_IMG_1448755262814 FB_IMG_1448755303481 FB_IMG_1451343936884 FB_IMG_1451752432797 FB_IMG_1451752438609 FB_IMG_1451752459512 FB_IMG_1452884655231 FB_IMG_1454275848073 FB_IMG_1454957391094

Anyway, here are the photos, and don’t forget, cake decorating is about fun first and foremost, if you can turn that hobby into money then all the luck to you!

Take care,

Happy Caking !