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The home baking world is ever expanding and to attract customers a lot of new people charge ever cheaper prices .

As you can see cornishcakegirl prices have maintained since I’ve been in business, i have worked with suppliers to absorb any increases in costs to bring my customers a quality product made with quality ingredients.

I offer a wide range of products for a wide range of tastes from vegan and diabetic to huge edible sugar sculptures of amazing and pride myself on using recipes which don’t compromise on taste just because they happen to not include dairy or animal products.

My recipes are tested , tweaked and retested until i am happy they offer only the best ( and not shared so they are truly unique).
I pride myself that in the whole time I have been in business I have never pulled out on an order or let a customer down.

So you can have the confidence that when you order from cornishcakegirl, your order is GUARANTEED.
You have CONFIDENCE and ASSURANCE that your order is safe and have many repeat happy customers with reviews to match.
My speciality of carved cakes shows you the time and skill i bring to each and every order however simple or complex this comes from many years of experience and dedication to bringing the best to the customer.
Bespoke to cornishcakegirl truly means that, made for you to your specifications , how you want it, when you want it.
As our mantra says

“ your cake dream made real”
All the best

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Cornish cake girl is located the South-West of England on the beautiful Cornish coast, Near to the world famous Eden Project.

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