Price and portion guide


All our Cakes are individual,baked to order especially for you.
All basic cake prices include cake, buttercream ,fondant ,decoration of
greeting and start at 6 basic decorations(hearts,flowers,etc) or 3 moulded roses.

(As cakes increase in size the decoration number increases by 2 extra per inch of cake size increase)
A ganache layer is available instead of buttercream at extra cost.
fruit cake basic includes marzipan, fondant, decoration of greeting
and up to 6 basic decorations or 3 moulded roses, the number increases by 2 extra per inch of cake.
‘naked’cakes are the same price as butter cream due to fresh cream and fresh fruit
being used.
Since each cake is custom designed to meet your specific requirements,cakes are quoted on an individual basis.
Price depends on size,flavour, type and complexity of cake design.
The following information provides a price guide to the cake you are looking for.

  • Cupcakes from £2 each ( min 6 of each flavour)
  • Bespoke Cupcakes from £2.50 each ( min 6 of each flavour)
  • Mini Cupcakes from £1 each ( min 12 of each flavour)
  • Fondant Iced Cupcakes from £3 each (min 6 of each flavour)
  • Basic Cakes from £13 each
  • Ganache from £5


This Cake Serving Guide is intended to be used as a guide only.



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Please note that Wedding Cakes, Christening Cakes, Character Cakes, Sculpted and Handbag Cakes are quoted POA

Cakes Decorated with Non Edible Materials

A modern trend in today’s weddings is the use of items such as brooches,
jewellery and feathers to decorate your cake. Such items are not edible unless
stated otherwise and must be removed from your cake/s before serving.
We use such items at our customer’s request and Cornish cake girl accepts no
responsibility for any physical harm that may arise from their use.

Licenced characters ( such as Disney, marvel etc)

Will be purchased by us from a licenced dealer only and the cost price passed onto the customer,We will not add a profit to these items, what we pay, you pay.
The use of cheaper alternatives on cakes is contrary to copyright law and we can get a hefty fine for breach of a company’s intellectual property rights.

For example:We are happy yo make an ‘ice princess’ cake in the style of the frozen theme but all characters will be purchased as above or left for you to add separately.
Customers are more than welcome to order the cake and add their own characters at home on top in spaces we allow for this use in the design, we have absolutely no problem with this.If you could either send us details of the toys you are going to use or provide us with them for reference( we will return them) it would be of help, as these toys vary hugely in scale and size.