Create your own flavour explosion!

Mix and match your favourite flavours in sponge, buttercream, ganasche and fillings to make your bake truly original.Most will not affect the basic price but if it does it is indicated with a £ symbol.

  • Vanilla: rich, buttery, old-fashioned cake with a light crumb. Our most popular cake.accompanied with jam this is a classic combination reminiscent of those days at grandmas house as a child.
  • Chocolate: rich moist cake with a smooth texture.Always a popular choice with adults and children alike,
    pair this with a scrumptious layer of chocolate spread for that extra little indulgence.
  • Lemon: delicate lemon cake filled which can be filled with tart lemon butter cream cream
    add an extra layer of velvety lemon curd for a satisfying taste sensation.
  • Coffee: available with or without walnut ( walnuts£) this rich and buttery cake  is ideally suited to smooth coffee infused butter cream and a large cup of strong coffee.
  • Carrot £: with freshly grated carrots and a touch of warming spice, it can be paired with cream cheese icing or
    simple vanilla butter cream for a twist on the traditional.
  • Fruit cake £ : Traditional eaten at weddings at Christmas (Brandy£) this rich, deep flavoured cake filled to the brim with fruit is calling out for Marzipan to top its simplistic beauty.

n.b Fruit ( brandy £) only available at Christmas


  • vanilla, light smooth with a hint of vanilla this flavour compliments most of our cake flavours.
  • chocolate ideally suited to chocolate cake but can be an accompaniment to any other flavour you choose.
  • lemon, light, smooth and tangy, what more can we say?
  • orange, smooth with a reminiscence of summer days and balmy evenings in the sun
  • coffee infused with coffee this frosting tastes deliciously traditional.
  • cream cheese £ creamy, smooth frosting with real sweetened cream cheese, traditionally accompanies carrot cake
  • caramel £ luxurious and creamy , caramel frosting will enhance your cake to a new height.
  • strawberry £ fresh and fruity with a smooth texture and gorgeous flavour.
  • peppermint £ minty and fresh, this unusual frosting is popular at Christmas.
  • peanut £ nutty goodness in a butter cream, popular with kids this frosting will make you smile.


  • jam, fruity loveliness to add a new dimension to your cake, just like granny used to make.
  • caramel creamy and smooth, this will add a layer of luxury to any bake.
  • chocolate spread, who can resist a thick layer of chocolate spread within a chocolate cake?
  • peanut butter, nutty, smooth and thick ideal with peanut butter cream.
  • marshmallow frosting light, sticky and gooey to add fun as well as sweetness to your creation.
  • Lemon curd tangy and fresh this curd will add layers of taste and satisfaction.

Combination suggestions…

Go traditional or wild, its your cake, your choice! i know a certain man who loves to eat peanut butter and banana sandwiches, i am not suggesting you have this in a cake, but you get the idea..

Grannys house., victoria sponge,always a favourite, buttery vanilla sponge with jam and cream

Triple chocolate delight sponge with chocolate sponge, chocolate butter cream and chocolate spread

lemony lusciousness lemon sponge with lemon butter cream and lemon curd

Santa special chocolate sponge with minty peppermint butter cream

Marshmallow madness vanilla sponge with vanilla butter cream and a layer of gooey marshmallow.

Wild at heart Vanilla sponge topped with banana flavoured frosting and candied bacon topping  (only joking! but had to go in there somewhere…:)

cornish cake girl cakey wakey bloggy thingy flavourcornish cake girl cakey wakey bloggy thingy flavour